Foto: Kasper Dudzik. Hässleholm 20031023. Skånetrafiken testar Reginamotorvagnen i pågatågstrafik.

Train Insulation,Moniflex

Traditionally, Moniflex has been the material of choice among manufacturers of passenger rail coaches and trams beginning as early as in the 1930´s. Since then, thousands of coaches throughout Europe have been built or refurbished using Moniflex as primary insulation. Moniflex is the only insulation that can be considered true vehicle insulation; all other materials have their origins in the building industry where weight normally does not matter.

With the introduction of high-speed trains, the weight saving which is possible with Moniflex has contributed to its popularity. Add to that, the ease with which Moniflex can be worked and installed, coupled with the recyclability at the end of the life of the vehicle, Moniflex is the most economical insulation alternative.